"I believe designers have the power to change the world by creating products our planet loves"

Hi, I'm B.


I'm an industrial designer with a passion for nature and technology. A strange combination, but that's exactly what makes me do things differently. I get excited by the challenge to think of original solutions that combine the best of all worlds:

  • generating revenues for companies

  • inspiring the people I work with 

  • saving the planet 


Let me tell you a story about how I ended up here.

In 2015 I was teaching sustainable furniture design to a bunch of 18 years old kids in the undergraduate program of Dirk Wynants Design Works in Shanghai. Ironically, that was the first time in my life I got confronted with pollution. I can still smell the smog and I remember having to dodge garbage bags that came flying out of people's window. 

That experience led me straight into an designer's paradox: with sustainability in mind, how can I justify creating more stuff in a world that is already saturated with material things? 


The answer is Studio Planeet, a creative agency that only designs products our planet loves and more importantly, teaches others how to do the same.

Why? Because I believe designers have the power to change the world. The more people we help with sustainable design and teach about circularity, the bigger the impact

How? With an unseen mix of a creative team vibe and broad industrial knowledge.

What? Check out our services.




Based in Belgium, 

Working worldwide


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